• Finding the right person for the right opportunity, that's QMR specialty.  They add value by knowing their cadre of consultants and presenting them professionally.

    Margaret Lavictoire
  • During my career in the Federal Public Service, I was consistently impressed with the competent and knowledgeable consultants provided by QMR Consulting, and the professionalism exhibited in each and every interaction. Upon my retirement, it was an honor to join this team of highly regarded professionals.  Through QMR’s informed and focused team, I am able to continue to make a meaningful contribution and fully utilize the knowledge and experience gained from my Federal Government career in Internal Audit and Financial Management.  

    Cheryl Driscoll
  • The QMR team performs at an over and above level to ensure the bid is efficiently processed by the client’s Contracting Procurement department and meets all of the client’s needs. They also work with the consultant to ensure the fit is right and the consultant’s needs are met as well. QMR strives to produce win/win situations where quality, effectiveness and the delivery of an exceptionable product are the goal. It is always a pleasure to work with them and I recommend them continually to my friends and associates.

    Frederick Goodwin
  • I have been working with QMR for 2 years and find that everyone involved with them are highly professional, respectful and have treated me like one of the family. The contracts they have approached me on have always been well thought out and relevant to my stated objectives. They do a great job at staying current with kind of work I would like to do which made the transition from the public service to consulting much smoother. A great team to work with!

    Steve Levecque
  • QMR is a corporation accompanying in a dynamic approach consultants and clients to deliver stimulating mandates.  QMR offered me accounting mandates allowing me to advise customers with my knowledge, my competencies and my experiences.  These work opportunities contributed to develop my professional skills. QMR involvement creates a positive synergy at every phase of a contract for the client and the contractor.

    Luc Gauvin
  • It has been a pleasure working with QMR the past two years. All of the QMR staff are extremely professional and provide me with the support I need to fulfill my contract with the client. They promote my skills to various clients which has resulted in several contracts. I have and would recommend QMR to my colleagues.

    Cindy Melville
  • It is truly a pleasure to be affiliated with QMR.  Dan and his team are highly professional in every aspect of the contracting for services process.  QMR maintains a great network of contacts to identify opportunities, understand client’s requirements and are always respectful of consultant’s interests and abilities. The accessible, knowledgeable and responsive QMR team and streamlined administrative processes speak to QMR’s commitment to quality relationships and service excellence.  QMR understands the importance of brand and reputation for both themselves and their consultants.  Bottom line, I will continue to refer colleagues to QMR knowing they will appreciate the quality of the representation and support that QMR will provide.

    Ian Bennett
  • QMR was extremely helpful as I transitioned from an ADM position to the consulting world. The QMR team is truly professional and and they are very responsive to any questions or concerns.

    Keith Hillier
  • QMR makes the important connections for me to facilitate the appropriate contracting mechanisms with our clients. This allows me to focus on providing my best support and advice to the client confidently knowing that the management and administration of the agreement is in the trustworthy hands of QMR. In addition, they are on the lookout for opportunities for me, and opportunities for the clients.

    Michael (Mike) T. Hawkes
  • After a federal public service career spanning over 30 years in operations and corporate management in federal departments, the Treasury Board Secretariat and the Canada Post Corporation, I retired from the public service but wanted to continue making a contribution in the public and not-for-profit sectors. In June 2016, I joined QMR and their support has exceeded my expectations. They expertly manage and navigate the business development and procurement processes thereby freeing me up to focus on my clients and provide a full range of HR professional and advisory services. 

    Camille Therriault-Power
  • I've undertaken engagements through QMR for more than six years. During that period I've worked on diverse projects with a broad client base, including a nice mix of large departments and smaller agencies. This variety has kept consulting interesting for me and has set it apart from more traditional occupations. In future, as I transition to a retirement that will include more limited consulting, I know that my association with QMR will remain rewarding.

    Glenn O'Brien
  • QMR provides the personal attention that a consultant and a client needs in today's environment. Their professional approach in finding the perfect resource and administering all aspects of the engagement ensures overall satisfaction for all parties involved. The professionalism and attention to detail provided by the QMR team has led to numerous, challenging and interesting opportunities.

    Linda Johnston
  • QMR supported my desire to take a break after retirement and then slowly get back into work with selected project-based proposals. Their professional staff ramped up efforts to successfully find interesting project tasks and continued to let me balance the new freedom of retirement with an interest in contributing to the public service. It was a welcome approach and I would recommend QMR to senior executives who are not necessarily interested in a Friday-Monday flip to get back to the job, but who are still challenged and excited by service to the Canadian public.

    Tom Scott
  • Upon my retirement, I decided to join the QMR team as I felt that on a part time basis, with my knowledge and experience, I could be a value-added asset to a number of organizations. My choice of QMR was easy as I reflected on my past experience as a client of the firm. Their professional staff had always been available to discuss and meet my needs in terms of added high quality expertise. Now as a member of the team myself, I continue to attest on the professionalism of the staff and the extensive knowledge and expertise inventory that they have to offer through a number of dedicated and highly respected individuals which like me have decided to join the QMR team. From what I have witnessed so far, and this both as a client and a member of the team, QMR knows how to do it right in terms of bringing value to an organization.

    Germain Tremblay
  • My relationship with QMR Consulting & Professional Staffing is extremely healthy. As a professional, I have always felt that business affiliations depict who you are and what's important. For me, it is critical that the people who represent my interests bring to the table the same passion and high standards as I - QMR is an organization that has won several awards for their commitment to quality and strong relationships. I am very impressed by the organization, the QMR team and their group of professionals and understand why awards keep coming their way.

    Marc Whelan
  • Having dealt with nearly every company in the past 25+ years, QMR stands out on two fronts. Respect for both the client and consultant; and, professionalism. As a professional I like to ensure the client receives value. QMR facilitates this by providing the right resources for the right assignment as well as maintaining ongoing communication with both the client and the consulting resource.

    Jeff Molson
  • I have been consulting to the Public Sector, in finance roles, for over a decade, and the quality of QMR engagements, resources and staff support are extremely high. I am currently on a large engagement through QMR and have received excellent support from Dan and Marc and their team.

    Donnie Chisholm
  • What I appreciate the most in working with QMR is the exceptional quality of their support. I can truly recognize service excellence when I experience it, as I have spent my career in the management of government service to citizens. QMR facilitates contract administration with departments which frees me up to focus my energy on serving my clients which are my priority.

    Nicole Barbeau
  • I have worked with QMR Consulting on a number of engagements over the past few years, and have always found QMR's dedication to professionalism and integrity-based treatment to be uniquely refreshing and rewardng. QMRs approach to brokering and managing consultative engagements sets them appart from the field of suppliers in the provision of professional services resources. As a result, QMR has earned a formidable reputation that confers credibility upon all those with whom they do business.

    Gerry Derouin
  •  I can focus on providing communications services to my clients because QMR, which has such excellent market visibility, takes the burden of finding interesting opportunities off my shoulders.

    Judith Yaworsky
  • I have benefited from the personal attention shown by QMR since 2004 when I first approached them because of the trust they had gained with a specific client, the Office of the Auditor General. This sense of trust and confidence has been evident through the subsequent years with a number of different clients. QMR has looked after my interests and represented me well.

    Subhas Roy
  • QMR helped my transition from a senior public servant role to consulting. From advice on the most appropriate procurement vehicles, to assisting with proposal responses on competitive tenders, it is nice to have this well-respected and professional firm in your corner.

    Claude Caron
  • QMR has provided me with a series of challenging finance positions.  I have been able to help CIDA on two occasions with bridging their CFO role while staffing took place.  I have also been able to help a number of departments with specific needs, such as Investment Plan preparation.

    Glynnis French
  • As a senior federal communications manager who retired as Assistant Secretary to the Cabinet (Communications and Consultation), I have high standards for the company that I trust to market my skills and experience.
    QMR has connected me with several good assignments. For example, through QMR, I advised the Canadian Food Inspection Agency on communications surrounding the Listeriosis crisis. I also acted as an independent communications advisor for the audit of the Canadian Public Health Agency's Crisis Communications Plan.
    I find QMR has an excellent reputation in the federal government and is a well-organized link to interesting communications projects.

    Ruth Cardinal
  • QMR provides access to a wide range of public sector contracting vehicles and closely follows changes to them that may impact their consultants. They are well regarded in Ottawa and I’ve personally found them a pleasure to work with over numerous engagements.

    David Miller