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FMI - Capital Chapter (FMI-CC)

The FMI is a dynamic, contemporary organization dedicated to public sector financial management. The FMI-CC's purpose if four-fold:

1. To be the leading advocate and pre-eminent source in the National Capital Region on sound financial management practices related to the accountable,  economical, efficient and effective management of public sector resources;

2. To promote members' understanding of the best practices for the management of resource in the public sector through meetings, professional development days, seminars, lectures, articles and news published in the fmi*igf journal, and other  suitable means as determined by the Board of Directors;

3. To provide continuous learning and networking opportunities for members to  enhance their knowledge of developments in public sector resource  management; and

4. To actively facilitate and encourage the networking among members and the broader public sector resource management community.


Professional Development (PD) Days (2016-17)

We invite you to consider the high quality courses listed that the FMI Capital Chapter will be offering over 2016-2017. 

These courses were selected to address the unique professional development needs of the financial community and reflect the feedback from surveys you have provided us.

Please note that registration for these courses will be changing and will be available on the FMI website shortly. 

Also note that all professional development courses offered by FMI-CC are eligible for the following group discounts upon request: ​A discount when 4 participants register from the same organization for the same course.

Our sessions are primarily in English.  We strive to provide all PD Day presentations and documents and their posting to the website in both English and French. All participants to the PD Days are encouraged to ask questions in either English or French, the official languages of Canada.

                                 Register for FMI Capital Chapter PD Days here:


Annual General Meeting
Date: December 2016


Thursday October 20, 20175

Location: in downtown Ottawa/Gatineau. To be announced shortly

To launch the FMI-Capital Chapter 2016-17 programming year, an in-depth look the Strategic Advisor role in a new "results-focused environment" - a New Policy on Results and the concept of  "deliverology" as it is implemented for federal programs and services is our focus for the day. This government has taken to this concept in an active and energetic way, wanting to embrace the public sector results seen world-wide.
  • How can we both support and leverage this momentum?
  • The framework of the Government Expenditure management cycle and that of reporting to Parliament is changing and we are all directly implicated.  We will hear from our leaders in PCO and the OCG as well as early adopters in departments and agencies. 
  • What is the impact in a regulatory organization?
  • A policy department? 
  • A direct service delivery department?
  • How do we get out in front and lead the charge for more effective and relevant reporting? 
  • How is your role as a strategic advisor shifting because of Deliverology?  
  • What do WE understand by deliverology and how can we use it to its best advantage? 
This session will be of broad interest to all members of the public sector who provide advice in their daily jobs - Strategic Policy, Planning and Reporting, Procurement, Legal Services, Human Resources, Treasury Board Submissions, etc. 

Come see what the new Policy on Results will mean to your daily work.


REMAINING 2016-17 FMI-CC PD Days - To be determined

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FMI - PD Week 

November 22-25, 2016

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