QMR: Helping to Open Doors to Enterprise Standards

QMR Consulting & Professional Staffing is pleased to announce its relationship with LEADing Practice to help organizations adopt Enterprise Standards based approaches to thinking and structuring like an Enterprise.

QMR Consulting & Professional Staffing has entered into a partnership with LEADing Practice to supply dedicated LEADing Practice certified consultants to the Government of Canada.

"Client value is our first priority and with QMR's long-standing track record for delivering value, they are a natural choice. Our partnership enables the ability to offer consultants dedicated to LEADing Practice with LEAD 4.0 certification in the fields of Business Architecture, Enterprise Architecture, Process eXpert, Process Owner, Transformation eXpert, Technology eXpert, Information eXpert and Value eXpert, inclusive of strong Project Management skills." commented Henrik von Scheel, CEO of LEADing Practice

"As QMR continues to grow and expand to bring access to trusted and credible resources and solutions, the opportunity for discussion with clients concerning thinking and acting like an enterprise has become more prevalent. The ability to partner with LEADing Practice ApS and faclitate access to world-leading Enterprise Standards and reference content creates a compelling compliment." commented Dan Moorcroft, CEO, QMR.

QMR Consulting is one of Ottawa`s leading capacity and solutions advisory firms. Their dedicated team of professionals provide clients with on-demand peer to peer advice, guidance and capabilities that streamline their access to resources and solutions that enable them to deliver against their requirements. 

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About LEADing Practice

LEADing Practice is an Enterprise Standards body focused on developing and providing repeatable and reusable Best Practices (what works well), Industry Practices (performance accelerators), and Leading Practices (outperforming and value patterns). The Enterprise Standards are packaged as integrated Reference Content that structures an organizations Way of Thinking, Working and Implementing, thus linking Strategy with Operational Execution.

LEADing Practice represents a new breed of Enterprise Standards and is recognized as a paradigm shift by the global business and IT community to empower, through its Reference Content, a structured way of thinking, working and modelling enabling organizations to innovate, transform and deliver value.