Engagement Examples

The following overviews of past QMR engagements provide an understanding of the types of capacity-based and consultative services QMR provides to both public and private sector clients.

Senior Financial Management Advisory Services

QMR provided two senior-level resources to assist our federal government client’s provision of an omnibus treasury board submission for core organizational funding. The resources assisted the organization by gathering input from across the management team, producing recommendations and writing the actual submission for the client. The engagement resulted in a successful acquisition of funding.

Communications Services

QMR’s consultant prepared updates and responses for senior management on the CFO model, management accountability framework, finance branch business planning, quarterly Office of the Comptroller General update and other governance reports. They also assisted in the planning (including budget) and implementation of a communication strategy to promote and explain the benefit of the project’s benefits to the various stakeholders of the department by taking into account change management strategy. They participated in the planning and implementation of the design of the Intranet site to promote and communicate the project implementation.

IM/IT Project Management

QMR provided a project manager resource for an SAP implementation at our federal government client site and managed the cut-over of services to a partner’s environment, where the individual managed the project on behalf of both organizations. In this role, the consultant’s responsibilities included preparing a project charter and plan using ASAP implementation methodology, devising project methodology for the blueprint phase and providing knowledge transfer sessions to the project team. The consultant managed a project team of over fifty people across both organizations and delivered update presentations to the oversight and steering committees.

Finance and Accounting Services

QMR’s candidate was tasked with replacing the deputy chief of financial services who was temporarily absent. Reporting directly to the chief, financial services, the candidate was responsible for managing five direct reports who delivered procurement and all financial services for the organization. This role included:

  • providing professional expertise on operational issues
  • monitoring adherence to financial policies and procedures and assisting in implementing corrective actions
  • providing assistance in the drafting, coordination, and preparation of internal reports and updates for the board, corporate management committee, and other reports to central agencies
  • assisting and coaching direct reports to achieve key objectives during the timeframe of the engagement

The candidate also undertook research and analysis to benchmark existing corporate administrative practices against industry-leading practices and developing recommendations for improvements.


QMR’s consultant developed the internal control framework (ICF) for the evaluation function of the audit and evaluation organization. The framework was developed to support a department’s implementation of the new Treasury Board policy on evaluation and the related directives and standards. It was designed to serve as a tool to more efficiently manage the function and help achieve expected outcomes. The ICF was based on the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations (COSO) integrated management control model and links with other Treasury Board models, such as the management accountability framework (MAF).