• How does QMR differ from the other organizations?

    We differ from other staffing and consulting firms in many ways. At QMR:

    • we specialize in the placement of professional services resources across audit, finance, IM/IT, performance, program and corporate management practice areas for contract, project and solutions-based engagements. We do not claim to be all things to all people and if we cannot meet a client’s requirements we will tell them so
    • we take pride in the ethical treatment of clients and consultants. We will treat you the way we want to be treated
    • we have an active consultant database that is 60%  EX level or higher. We understand our client’s business, which means we can provide them with the right person to deliver on their requirements

    Still not convinced? Let us prove it to you.

  • Who is QMR and what do they do?

    QMR is a leading management consulting and professional staffing firm based in Ottawa, Ontario that specializes in the placement of audit, finance, IM/IT, performance, program and corporate management professionals for contract, task, solutions-based and deliverable-based engagements. We provide superior value to our clients and candidate-clients (consultants), in both public and private settings, through our understanding of their organizational requirements and a consultative approach to delivering the right capabilities the first time.

  •  Why do I need to duplicate my security clearance with QMR when I already have one?

    Due to new regulations by the Canadian Industrial Security Directorate (CISD) of PWGSC, all security clearances must be duplicated, and thereby held, by the organization holding the contract for services. Another recent regulatory change being implemented is for independent consultancies to hold their own facility security clearance (FSC). QMR advises all consultant-candidates concerning requirements for security clearances and will be happy to answer your questions and guide you through the process.

  • What procurement/ contracting method should be used? 

    This is difficult question to answer and largely depends on your area of expertise, qualifications, and so forth. QMR is a qualified supplier on a range of procurement vehicles (Standing Offers - SO; Supply Arrangements - SA) directly with government and through strategic partnerships. See table. If there are multiple avenues for service delivery, QMR can advise on the best contractual capability to meet both your and the client’s requirements.

  •  What is the new ProServices Supply Arrangement (SA) procurement vehicle?

    The SA will be based on the categories from both the Task and Solutions Professional Services (TSPS) and the Task-Based Informatics Professional Services Supply Arrangement (TBIPS). It will be used for contracts less than the NAFTA threshold (currently $78,500), and is expected Spring 2013.

  • What is the current environment in the government in terms of contracting?

    The public sector is going through major transition on many levels at this time. Workforce adjustment and demographic shift is seeing organizational knowledge and tenured capabilities being removed from the Federal Public Service workforce. Finding qualified replacements on any basis is challenging and difficult. As a result, there will always be opportunities for term- and project-based professionals to augment the skills and knowledge within the federal public sector. Emphasis is now being placed on competitively-priced capacity and capability as a backfill for departing knowledge, combined with a strong focus on speciifc skills and experience demonstrated by project reference.

  • How should my resume be written to ensure that I am effectively marketing my skills and experience?

    We strongly urge our consultants to move away from chronological to competency-based resumes. Projects should be listed beginning with your most recent achievements. They should also indicate how your work contributed to the success of a project – and where possible quantify it. Additionally, we recommend that you capture project details, including a concise project overview and client contact information. As part of our registration process, QMR advises and provides templates for successful resumes.

  • What is your registration process?

    The registration process begins by completing the form on this site. Once we have received and reviewed the materials provided, we will contact you to meet with us to learn more about your background and share a more about QMR and our experiences. At that meeting, we will review your resume and discuss strengths we can leverage in a client setting. You will also be introduced to QMR team members, as well as one of the principals in the company. As appropriate, we will then start marketing your capabilities and reach out to our network for possible placements.