QMR delivers a full spectrum of professional services to support mid-term capacity requirements, task- and solutions-based deliverables, as well as to help implement change and manage risk.

By working closely with both the client and consultant-client, our engagement services provide a means of bringing valuable capacity and deliverable-based capabilities across a number of core service areas.

Learn more about the full range of services we provide within the following practice areas:

  • Financial Management and Audit
  • Risk Management/ Evaluation
  • Performance Management/ Measurement, Evaluation (performance alignment solution)
  • Corporate Services/ Management (HR, procurement, communications, ATIP, Reporting)
  • Strategic Policy and Advisory Services
  • Conflict Management/ Resolution
  • IM/IT Strategy Management/ Workflow, Integration
  • Real Property Business Intelligence/ Space Management (CAD/ GIS)
  • Training, Coaching, Mentoring and Facilitation
  • Management Assurance and Advice

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